Nye County Land: US 95 & Scotty’s Castle Road

Recent Price Reduction to $395,000

Unlock Your Vision at the Gateway to Death Valley

We are pleased to present an exceptional opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors seeking a unique land property. Located at the junction of US 95 and Scotty’s Castle Road, this property serves as the gateway to Death Valley National Park. It spans an impressive +191.26 acres in Nye County with over one mile of frontage on the US 95. In summary, this land holds immense potential for diverse ventures.

Key Features:
  1. Strategic Location: Situated at the entrance of renowned Death Valley, this property benefits from a prime location that attracts a steady flow of adventurers, tourists, and travelers. Its easy access to major roads ensures visibility and convenience, making it an attractive destination for various businesses.
  2. Versatile Possibilities: With ample space and flexibility, the property offers limitless potential for your entrepreneurial dreams. Whether you envision a gas station, truck stop, RV park, off-road ranch, or have a unique concept in mind, this expansive land provides the canvas to turn your vision into reality.
  3. Existing Infrastructure: The property features a pre-existing structure, measuring approximately 4,300 square feet. While initially intended as a convenience store, it provides a solid foundation for further development. The completed Men’s and Women’s Restrooms, kitchen sink, and shelves offer a head start in establishing your desired business.
  4. Additional Potential: The unfinished upstairs apartment presents an opportunity for on-site living quarters or alternative revenue streams, adding versatility to your venture.
  5. Water Considerations: Please note that the existing wells are residential wells, which may not be sufficient for commercial water usage. Depending on your intended business and local regulations, acquiring additional water rights or exploring alternative water sources may be necessary. We recommend consulting with local authorities and experts to ensure compliance with any water usage requirements.

Seize the opportunity to create a remarkable destination at the gateway to Death Valley. Whether you aspire to build a welcoming truck lounge, a thriving RV park, a convenient store, or any other concept, this property offers the foundation for your entrepreneurial ambitions.

Discover the potential that awaits you in this captivating location, where travelers seek respite and businesses flourish. Don’t miss out on this unique prospect—explore the possibilities and envision your future at the gateway to Death Valley.

(Note: It is essential to research and comply with local regulations, including obtaining any necessary permits and rights for water usage, before proceeding with any development plans.)

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Listing Price $395,000
Lot Size 191.26 AC
Size 4,300 SF
Type Land