Dollar General Clovis

This brand new, single-tenant retail building is home to one of the 18,774 Dollar General stores around the country. We negotiated a great deal for our client (Buyer) and closed relatively quickly. Our client, an incredibly nice older lady, came to us originally asking to get a property evaluation done for her original building (Robindale Center located at 305 N Pecos), a standard service that brokers provide to their clients to help them understand the value of their property. She did so in order to know what she was passing onto her family upon death, again, both smart and standard. Upon digging into the operating financials, we noticed that the property was not positioned optimally and was costing her too much. On top of that the property was more of a headache for her and was being mismanaged. Rather than passing a “headache” to her family, we suggested capitalizing on the equity she had built in her investment, selling the property (at peak market pricing last year) and exchanging it into a “headache-free, mailbox money” solution. We put the plan in motion and moved step by step, helping negotiate everything along the way. In the end we were successful at moving her away from management, short-term renting, and all of the costs associated with a multi-tenant office building, and stabilized her income by investing into a single-tenant, “management and headache free” asset that now provides her with “mailbox money,” so that she no longer has to worry now or when she passes. Our client left a raving review!

Listing Price $1,820,000
Lot Size 1.24 AC
Size 10,711 SF
Type Retail (Single-tenant)