1 Acre Parcel Oakey Blvd

1 Acre Parcel on Oakey Blvd
Unlocking Potential: Prime 1-Acre Lot for Strategic Investment in a Growing Community

This 1 Acre Lot is located on Oakey Blvd between Arville and Decatur. The parcel is currently a vacant parking lot, while Intermountain Healthcare at 4500 W Oakey (adjacent building) is leasing out 15 parking spots for $30.90 per spot, earning $463.50 per month. Intermountain Healthcare would like to continue renting those parking spots, granting additional long-term income from new ownership. The zoning for this lot is P-R (Professional Office) which allows for the development of Professional and Medical Office buildings (more information about P-R zoning can be found here. Utilities are available nearby and may be brought into the property.

Key Features:

  1. Location: Nestled amidst thriving attractions like the Fantastic Indoor Swap Meet, within easy reach of bustling shopping centers housing big box retailers, this parcel offers unparalleled convenience and accessibility for the local community.
  2. Zoning & Investment Potential: Zoned for Professional or Medical Office use (P-R), this property presents an extraordinary opportunity. Currently utilized as a parking lot, it generates steady income from Intermountain Healthcare’s overflow parking. This immediate revenue stream provides a stable foundation while allowing astute investors the flexibility to explore development possibilities.
  3. Tailored Development Opportunities: The lower daily car count does not diminish the property’s potential. Instead, it offers a canvas for targeted niche development. The strategic zoning opens doors for specialized businesses seeking a dedicated location within a burgeoning community. Picture a boutique medical facility, professional offices, or unique retail spaces serving the immediate neighborhood.
  4. Long-Term Vision & Community Impact: Beyond the numbers, envision the long-term growth potential. Thoughtful development on this canvas can positively impact the community, potentially creating job opportunities and enhancing local amenities.

(Note: It is essential to research and comply with local regulations, including obtaining any necessary permits, rights, and licenses prior to proceeding with any development plans.)

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Listing Price $749,000
Lot Size 1 AC
Size 1 AC
Type Land